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FINALLY! A system for managing email that actually WORKS!
By H. Remer

As a person who is committed to helping others live well in the technology age, it was important for me to find a solution that not only worked, but that I would feel comfortable recommending to others. I have found that in the 15-Minute Inbox.

I am a CEO and owner of two companies. Life is fast-paced for me. My inbox has always been a struggle and colleagues would sometimes complain that I wasn’t able to follow up with their emails fast enough. In general, I felt like there was no hope for getting my inbox clean and keeping it that way! I have been trying for years now to find a system that helped me keep my email under control. I have tried several different approaches from some of the top business consultants out there and none worked for me for more than a few days.

The 15-Minute Inbox is different though. Joost Wouters’s approach helps you simplify your inbox while simultaneously teaching you how to build good boundaries with your email and create solid email habits. After only a couple of days, I would find myself compulsively checking my inbox only to discover it empty. I literally didn’t know what to do with myself at first. I was finding myself with more time to focus on what really mattered. Since implementing this system, my colleagues have said that I respond faster, and my email communications with them are clearer. It worked so well, I shared it with a friend with ADD who has also seen some great results with the program.

Not only does Wouters give you a workable system that helps you eliminate future emails from clogging your inbox, but he also tackles the most important issue which is how we think about the tool of email. Through changing your mindset and implementing solid tools, Wouters has found the formula to help busy professionals gain back potentially hours within their week. A truly great book and program!

No excuses, this solution for your full inbox works
By JacquelineAs Joost mentions in his very practical hands-on book: “show me your inbox and
I will tell you who you are”. And he does! Not only that, he made me empty my
inbox at the same time and managed to give me a new view on how to manage
my life in this world with overflow of information in my inbox. I am proud to say
that thanks to this book I manage my inbox within less than 15 minutes a day, it’s
a big relief, I feel like I’m now running my life instead of others running it
through my inbox.

Big results with (almost) no effort!
By RuiI started to read this book on my iPhone on my flight back home, and after a few
pages I was sorry not to have my laptop with me. Let me give you a small tip:
read it with your Outlook opened and start to implement the tips as you go
through the book. It took me three days to get my inbox to zero emails, and more
important I kept it like this since then.Fantastic! Clear method to boost your productivity and to get more important
things done.

Finally a book that works
By Jan

This is one of the few ‘how-to’ books that really delivers on its promise. After just
a week and a half and only halfway through the book, I had my first empty inbox
experience, the dream of any email enslaved professional. While this book is very
practical and has an almost instant pay-back it covers the issue of managing your
email and thus your time in a holistic way.

It contains essential tips and tricks but also goes into the mindset and
conceptions we all have and that prevent us from being more efficient and more

We take driving lessons before we can take a car to the road. In the same way,
you should read this book before you start using email.

Totally worth reading
By Joe

Good tips, good pointers, the book does not disappoint. It is most certainly worth
reading and suggesting it to colleagues and friends.

An empty inbox creates clarity
By Arthur

The volume of e-mails that is received today can be quite overwhelming. One
needs to not only handle the e-mails, but proactively manage the important e-
mails. I really like the phrase “an empty inbox creates clarity”. You will enjoy
reading the book.

Take control of your inbox… and yourself
By Ricardo

Like it or not, we all have to deal with email everyday in our jobs or personal life.
The bad news is that no one taught us to use it (it was never intended to be used
as a primary working tool) and it usually ends up being a bottomless bucket. The
good news is that Joost can teach you a simple step-by-step method to gain
control of your inbox easily. In the process you’ll find your productivity self and
will focus in what you really love to do. This will probably change your mindset
and yourself.

I love Joost’s powerful approach to inbox handling and I think you’ll love too.

So practical!
By John

I love this little book from Joost Wouters – so practical and so full of tips to get in
control of email. Let’s be honest, managing emails is a challenge and Joost’s
strategies are just what I need. Highly recommend to anyone – senior executive,
CEO, entrepreneur or just starting out on your career.

By Jim

Having worked with Joost at Procter & Gamble, I vouch for his efficiency and
powerful insights on both a practical and leadership level. I highly recommend
reading his new book: The 15-Minute Inbox.

A life changer
By Maria

I was lucky to be offered the 15-Minute Inbox training session with Joost at the
office, and it literally changed my professional life. Less stress, more time for real
work :), new working methods, new philosophy – thanks for everything, Joost!!!

I strongly recommend this book to people dealing with heavy e-mail workload.

A great way to start changing your mindset

I had the pleasure to be part of Joost coaching training Sessions. As expected this
book delivers not only step by step the methodology to follow in order to
pragmatically change your work style but also helps to identify the major
roadblocks in many cases obvious but ignored due to the work firefighter

It also enables you to do a self-assessment of you as an individual and propose
how to move towards a more structure approach.

Definitely recommend this book if you even believe you have everything under

Very useful to improve email efficiency
By Alex

Have a shelf full of books on time management and performance improvement,
and this is definitely one of the most useful books I have read so far. Good
system, which drastically reduces time spent on managing inbox. Would highly

It works!
By Femi

I started reading this book because I felt that I was spending way too much time
every day dealing with emails. I have tried the system for 2 weeks now, and it
really does work! My work inbox had 1645 emails and my personal inbox 3852

Reducing both inboxes to zero took much less time than I thought it would.
Reducing them to zero was like a big spring cleaning session, and now the feeling
of freedom and being in control is much bigger and better than I had ever
anticipated. The other big difference is the fact that I have turned off the alerts
and now check my emails only 3-4 times a day, a big breakthrough!

The book offers a very effective combination of practical advice (such as the
4Ds), as well as more profound insights into the psychology of changing and
sustaining new habits and how you can link your email behaviour to the
objectives you want to achieve in work and life in general.

I also really enjoyed the recognisable examples that Joost Wouters uses from his
personal work experience at P&G and Pepsi and as a consultant. A very enjoyable
book to read, and well worth the time investment!

If, like I did, you feel that email is taking too much time in your day-to-day
(working) life, then I can highly recommend this book, it really worked for me.

Down to zero in just a few weeks!
By Marjolein

By applying the techniques in this short book, within two weeks I managed to get
my inbox down to zero (from over 400) and have been able to keep it below 30
since, getting to zero at least twice a week.

I started the book because the author is an ex-colleague from years ago and I was
just curious – I finished this book because it helped me get a grip on the endless
stream of email, reducing clutter in both my inbox and my mind! It not only
helped me to get through incoming emails more efficiently and effectively, but
the recommendations even helped to reduce the amount of incoming emails.

Would recommend this for anyone that is frustrated with their inbox – this book
really helps to make better use of your time!

New lease of life with The 15-Minute Inbox
By Teresa

As I write this, I only have 4 emails in my inbox and I will promptly bring that
back to zero! I am being very disciplined and I love the new lease of life this

Again sincere thanks for releasing the burden of useless information.

Gran ayuda para mi trabajo
By Ana

Seguir los consejos que propone Joost Wouters en su libro me ha reducido el
estrés que se siente al tener el inbox lleno de mails inútiles y me está
permitiendo ser más performante a la hora de organizar mi trabajo diario. He
reorganizado el inbox y ahora es mucho más fácil tratar la información,
archivarla y por supuesto encontrar rápidamente lo que necesito. Es cierto que
los cambios requieren tiempo, pero ya empiezo a ver las ventajas de estos

The 15-Minute Inbox is available as paperback, ebook and audiobook.

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