Do you realize how much money and energy you lose on email in your organization? If a manager spends on average 60 minutes per day on all the inefficiencies of email (which is a low estimate), and he or she works 220 days per year for about ten hours per day with an annual salary of 70 to 100.000 euro/dollar, you waste each year 22 working days, which represents a value between 7 to 10.000 euro/dollar.

Now multiply this with the amount of managers in your organization. A small improvement would already lead to a huge ROI.

I have asked several General Managers “If you could change one thing in the behavior of your people, what would that be?” One of them answered:

“Less email writing and more doing! People can spend their whole day managing their inbox. One of the biggest assets of our company is management’s time and it should not be wasted on doing 150 emails a day – most of which are not adding value.”

The 15-Minute Inbox is written with the corporate environment in mind. It offers a pragmatic concept that leads to instant results. And it is a catalyst for the discussions around the use and misuse of email in your organization, departments and teams.

There are many opportunities to bring the 15-Minute Inbox concept alive in your organization. To name a few:

  • 20121221 RB-1Speaking engagement (I will lead & facilitate the conversation for change with my motivating and inspiring way of addressing groups)
  • In-company training (either by a third party or facilitated by your own HR department)
  • Purchasing a company or team license (for a fixed amount per employee you can offer The 15-Minute Inbox in any desired format – paperback, ebook, PDF, audiobook)

And of course any combination of the above.

Experience shows that a combination of theory and practice works best in obtaining impressive and lasting inbox results with managers in any organization. Therefore, the 15-Minute Inbox concept perfectly fits in any company training environment.

Report(Spread)To learn more about the in-company possibilities, please send an email to info [at] 15MinuteInbox [dot] com, and I will happily provide you with more information.

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