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Joost Wouters is one of those rare people capable of coupling personal growth with professional development. This is why the world’s top companies invite him to their offices.

Joost (pronounce like Yoast): “I help General Managers and their Leadership Teams to exemplify the change they want to see in their organisation and to overcome the obstacles for sustainable growth.

My main drive for writing is that I didn’t exactly enjoy every situation I was in, when I was an executive team member. Feeling more often like a reactive firefighter, rather than a proactive business builder, wasn’t providing me with the energy to achieve what I wanted to accomplish.

I just don’t want you and your team to be there as well, let alone to stay there.

When people get to the point where they start leading an organisation, they can accomplish so much more than answering email all day. I believe that most teams are wasting their leadership potential and the talents they have. You and your team just have to fulfil your leadership potential, because your organisation looks at you and follows your example.

How did I get my experience?

I started my professional career at Procter & Gamble. Later I joined the Executive Team of Pepsi Cola Benelux. When our first son was born, I decided to quit my job and start a Management Consulting firm. Over the last 11 years, I have worked with clients such as Unilever, Heineken, Reckitt Benckiser, LG.Philips, Imperial Tobacco, KPN, Delta Lloyd, Allied Domecq, Campina, Uniekaas, OHIM, Vodafone, Sara Lee, P&G, ZARA, and Nestlé in Europe, South Africa, Russia, USA and South America.

In 2005 I traveled with my family for a year through the USA in a motor home. Since our return we moved to Spain, where we’ve built a house and training location on the Mediterranean. Here you’re always welcome to discuss your challenges while enjoying a cortado.

The most important reason why leaders and their teams want to work with me is that I’m a living example of what they want to achieve. I make things happen. Or, as one client stated: “He is Mr Results”.

That’s my contribution to creating vital organisations.”

What do I enjoy most when working with a leadership team? I have helped:

  • Management Teams to create & implement impactful strategies and get buy-in through the whole organisation
  • Building dynamic & vital Leadership Teams that achieve breakthrough results by optimally using their cross-functional expertise
  • Managers to become inspirational team leaders that dramatically improve their team’s productivity and performance
  • Commercial Teams to develop concepts that boost their product’s sales and market share

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