30-Day Reminder Service

Supporting You In Changing Your Habits

Creating a new habit, in this case “Process All Your Email To Zero, Always” requires time. Research and experience have shown that 1 months of daily practicing the new habit will integrate it in your behavior.

To support you on this journey we have developed a daily service that will send you a reminder email to your inbox :-). It’s there just to remind you about the new habit, and you can immediately DELETE it after having noticed it.

If you want to subscribe for this “30-Day Reminder Service”, enter your name and email below. Please note that this service is free of charge and will stop automatically after 30 days.

30-Day Reminder Service


After you have submitted your request, you will be directed to the Dashboard. You will receive a welcome message in your inbox within 5 minutes. If not, please check your spam filter and add the email address “info@15MinuteInbox.com” to your OK-list.

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